Facade design

and thermal insulation

Design according to your wishes

Any desired adaptation to the surroundings can be achieved through the manifold colour and surface design. Some examples of facades made of metal, wood, plastic, clinker or natural stone are shown in the pictures.

Velkoformátový obklad
Klinker pásky
Fasáda obložená dřevem

Colour chart

The exterior plaster can be realised in different finishes and standard colours or according to your choice.

Colour selection

Colour deviations may occur due to the screen display. We do not accept any liability for colour deviations from existing surfaces. For a more accurate colour representation, please request a printed colour chart from us.

Vzorník barev BETONBAU

° = Standard colours without surcharge
* = Shades are not recommended in combination with thermal insulation systems (ETICS)

Thermal insulation

Although in many cases of typical technical buildings in the area of the supply and distribution of electricity, gas and water, the energy saving ordinance does not apply, the use of thermal insulation measures can make sense under certain circumstances. In particular the environmental parameters of the manufacturer are decisive here.

Thermal insulation composite systems are particularly suitable here. Enclosed you will find some guideline values for the evaluation of certain systems.

Wall insulation - Synthetic resin plaster

U (W/m²K), d= 10 cm U (W/m²K), d = 14 cm Weight (kN/m²), d = 10 cm Weight (kN/m²), d = 14 cm
4,57 4,19 2,40 3,36
Obvodová stěna s fasádní omítkou

1 Concrete wall
2 Adhesive primer
3 Synthetic resin plaster

Wall insulation - Full thermal insulation

Insulation thinckness [cm] U (W/m²K), d = 10 cm U (W/m²K), d = 14 cm Weight (kN/m²), d = 10 cm Weight (kN/m²), d = 14 cm
4 0,82 0,81 2,41 3,37
6 0,58 0,57 2,41 3,37
8 0,45 0,45 2,41 3,37
10 0,37 0,37 2,41 3,37
Obvodová stěna se zateplovacím systémem

1 Concrete wall
2 Adhesive
3 Hard foam board (PS 20)
4 Filler (on fabric)
5 Synthetic resin plaster

Wall insulation - Sandwich

Insulation thinckness [cm] U (W/m²K), d = 10 cm U (W/m²K), d = 14 cm Weight (kN/m²), d = 10 cm Weight (kN/m²), d = 14 cm
4 0,80 0,78 3,84 4,80
6 0,57 0,56 3,84 4,80
8 0,44 0,44 3,84 4,80
10 0,36 0,36 3,84 4,80

U-values and weight related to facing layer 6 cm

Sendvičová obvodová stěna

1 Supporting shell
2 Hard foam board (PS20)
3 Front shell

Roof insulation possibilities

Zateplení střechy

Other options in the execution of thermally insulated roofs are:

  • Trough roof with 30mm insulation (sun protection)
  • Trough roof with applied insulation >30mm (inverted roof)
  • Trough roof with complete insulation and aluminium attic (inverted roof)
  • Trough roofs with insulation on the underside (interior insulation)

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